Friday, August 19, 2016

William Hawes — Growing Up Insane

Why do democracies select insane people — psychopaths and sociopaths — to lead them. This is yet another paradox of liberalism.

In biology (and sociology), the dominant of a species discipline the sub-dominant and control the submissive. Is there any way for humans to get out of this cage imposed evolutionarily?
The current state of American politics must make us question whether any of our leaders in the Beltway can be described as “grown-ups”, i.e., fully mature and sane individuals. Between the endless war crimes, corporate corruption, lobbyists who bribe congressmen and write legislation, and the ineptitude of federal entities who are supposed to protect our health such as the FDA, EPA, and CDC, it would appear that leaders in all three branches of government, as well as the leaders of the corporate world, are either insane, suffer from various psychological disorders, as well as suffering from a type of collective hallucination, the common denominator being an utter lack of empathy for others humans, or respect for the Earth.
Further, we must at least question whether collectively, we the citizenry, are as susceptible to mass delusions as our psychopathic leaders are. Our society can be effectively generalized as forming what Paulo Freire calls a culture of silence, many of whom see no problems with exploiting and despoiling other countries, looting wealth, and killing millions; and many more that are simply afraid to speak out against the indignity of the US empire, in fear of socio-cultural reprisals. This culture of silence, which we are taught at a young age, indoctrinates and effectively eliminates the ability of people to form critiques of our rotten political and economic systems. This is who Richard Nixon was really referring to, when he spoke of the “Silent Majority”: citizens too naïve, dumb, childlike, and afraid to confront the injustices inherent to our system were exactly who Tricky Dick was appealing to.…
Growing Up Insane
William Hawes

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jrbarch said...

1. The personality consciousness is that of the third aspect of divinity, the creator aspect. This works in matter and substance in order to create forms through which the quality may express itself and so demonstrate the nature of divinity on the plane of appearances.

2. The egoic consciousness is that of the second aspect of divinity, that of the soul, expressing itself as quality and as the determining subjective "color" of the appearances. This naturally varies, according to the ability of the soul in any form to master its vehicle, matter, and to express innate quality through the outer form.

3. The monadic consciousness is that of the first aspect of divinity, that which embodies divine life-purpose and intent, and which uses the soul in order to demonstrate through that soul the inherent purpose of God. It is this that determines the quality. The soul embodies that purpose and will of God as it expresses itself in seven aspects. The monad expresses the same purpose as it exists, unified in the Mind of God Himself. This is a form of words conveying practically nothing to the average thinker. [5]

The personality is a triple combination of forces, impressing and absolutely controlling the fourth aspect of the personality, which is the dense physical body. The three personality types of energy are the etheric body, which is the vehicle of vital energy, the astral body which is the vehicle of the feeling energy or sentient force, and the mental body which is the vehicle of the intelligent energy of will that is destined to be the dominant creative aspect. It is upon this truth that Christian Science has laid the emphasis. These forces constitute the lower man. The solar angel is a dual combination of energies - the energy of love, and the energy of will or purpose - and these are the qualities of the life thread. These two, when dominating the third energy of mind, produce the perfect man. They explain the human problem; they indicate the objective before man; they account for and explain the energy of illusion; and they point out the way of psychological unfoldment, which leads man (from the triangle of triplicity and differentiation) through duality to unity. [9]

Esoteric Psychology Vol. 2 A Treatise on the Seven Rays Alice. A. Bailey (amanuensis for the Tibetan)

The dictator is the evolutionary success of the third aspect without the second manifest. The second aspect is accessed through ‘feeling’: - opening the heart to a new energy that comes from within. Even in the confusion, lies, unconsciousness, pain, greed, materialism and myopia of the modern world, this heart will be born. It won’t be waiting around ...!