Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Alexander Mercouris — As Jihadis lose in Aleppo, stories of ‘barrel bombs’ and ‘chlorine gas’ appear as if on cue

The fundamental problem with these stories about “barrel bombs” and chemical weapons use is that as with so many atrocity stories coming out of Syria they are so obviously manipulated.  It is not a coincidence that their volume increases whenever the Jihadis face defeat – as they are currently doing in Aleppo.  Unfortunately that obliges one to be suspicious of them.…
The Duran

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Moon of Alabama is more skeptical than Alexander Mercouris, as I am also. I happened to catch the BBC report today will driving. Strong on rhetoric, short on evidence.

Moon of Alabama
"Destroyed" And "Collapsed" Al-Quds Hospital In East-Aleppo Receives 46 Patients


Bob said...

Time for another ceasefire. Perhaps the Turks will be heading east, with their "moderates" in tow.

Gary Hart said...

I am sure that the Syrian government also took babies out of the incubators and left them to die. Just wait for a young woman to testify before Congress.

John said...

Gary, and the media won't report that the "young woman" was never there and she is related to a senior official agitating for war!