Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Alistair Crooke — Washington’s Hawks Push New Cold War

Must-read. Crooke is a former British intelligence officer with long experience. He covers a lot of ground in a fairly short post given the issues, and I would say he comes closer than anyone else I have seen in summing up the geopolitical situation. America is losing its marbles. The wheels are coming off.

The US is not only a deeply divided nation, but there is a "civil war" going on among the elites. Whoever wins the election, the other side is not going away quietly. Look for a rocky four years in an internecine struggle for supremacy.  

The real danger is when a country is dangerously disunited, elites know that at least a semblance of unity can be restored by manufacturing a foreign enemy to hate, and if need be, a war. Dark clouds in the horizon.

Consortium News
Washington’s Hawks Push New Cold War
Alistair Crooke

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