Monday, September 19, 2016

Chris Dillow — Immigration as social mobility

Another provocative post by Chris Dillow and another reason that I continually emphasize that political economy that is not based on the global economy is not only bollox but biased (racist, if you prefer.) For one thing, it ignores and even denies the issues arising from primitive accumulation, which was, contra Locke, principally by force. Liberalism for me but not for you.

Stumbling and Mumbling
Immigration as social mobility
Chris Dillow | Investors Chronicle


Kristjan said...

Well, there has always been some mobility and migration without the open borders. Open borders is anarchy. Like Bernie Sanders said: that is what the Koch brothers want. There cannot be well functioning nation state with open borders.

Tom Hickey said...

Institution of half of a liberal economy is hypocritical and the public won't stand for open border, so liberalism needs a re-think to incorporate managed trade, capital and labor flow that isn't based on privilege and doesn't create privilege. If there is not a free flow of labor, then there should not be a free flow of trade or capital either.

Bob said...

Each country can have its very own meritocracy and generate its own elite. Immigration not required.

peterc said...

MMT, by demonstrating the capacity of a currency sovereign, seems to attract more than its share of bigots.

peterc said...


This is not the fault of MMT, needless to say.