Monday, September 12, 2016

Don Marten: They're With Her: Neocons to Ride Hillary's Coattails Back to Power

The Neocons have left the Republican Party to go back to the Democrats because they have become the war party. Is her mask beginning to slip, are the public about to see the real sociopath that lies underneath the liberal facade? Could the liberal media look stupid because they will be left supporting a war mongering, military-industrial complex puppet, and deranged psychopath? Let's hope so?

Now that Hillary Clinton has done away with any and all pretenses that she will govern as a progressive with her descent into shrillness and red-baiting, it merits pointing out that the neocons are back with a vengeance. That's right - the very same people who were instrumental in George W. Bush's wars are on the ballot along with her.
Mrs. Clinton has been and always will be a warmonger, a trait that has endeared her to both the Pentagon pimps as well as the Wall Street racketeers who benefit off of a state of perpetual war. With the Clinton restoration all but guaranteed, Hillary has made no secret of her intent to escalate the violence in Syria as well as to instigate what could be a full scale war with Russia -- possibly through the U.S. backing of the Ukrainian gangster regime to mount an invasion of Crimea. 
If there is one positive though it is that Mrs. Clinton is coming unglued at a frightening pace as she brays at Russian phantoms and appears badly in need of a long vacation in a padded cell. Her big bounce in the polls has begun to evaporate as she embraces conspiracy theories and raw demagoguery of a dark, apocalyptic era that was thought to have fallen along with the Berlin Wall. She also may have just had her Mitt Romney 47 percent moment by calling millions of Americans who support Trump as "a basket of deplorables" - a term that would be very apropos for her own neocon backers.
At this point it's looking like better than even money that Mrs. Clinton will self-destruct as she becomes more irrational, it could be that Trump will trigger her in the upcoming debates causing an ugly - and disqualifying - meltdown in front of a national TV audience. With her mask having been prematurely discarded the American people are getting a very good look at the deranged sociopath whose possession of the nuclear launch codes and vendetta against Putin would be a very volatile combination. 


The Rombach Report said...

Yes. Hillary is the very definition of a neocon.

Ryan Harris said...

Meanwhile, Stephanie Kelton was named in the Politico 50. Congrats To Dr. K.

Tom Hickey said...

Thanks. I posted a link.