Saturday, September 3, 2016

Eduard Popov — Desperate Aggressor: Clinton needs war in Ukraine to stop Trump

I have been saying this for some time. Ukraine has been moving troops forward to the contact line and increases bombardment of Donbass under the pretext of Russian threats. To send a signal, Russia has been resupplying the Donbass insurgency and recently conducted snap military drills in the Southwest, which the Western press has been calling a preparation for an imminent invasion of Ukraine. All the ducks are in place for a false flag to either force Russia to defend the insurgency from a US bolstered Ukrainian military or else blame on Russia.

Frankly, I would be surprised Obama does not act along these lines to throw the election to HRC, and the likelihood of this increases as Trump's chances of winning the election increase. Popov fills in the details.

If it is not Ukraine, it will be Syria. The US is now in a bad position in Syria since Turkey has disregarded the US "order" to lay of the Kurds, who are US allies and being assisted by US special forces on the ground in addition to the CIA.

In any case the US propaganda machine is cracked up and has been working overtime to discredit Donald Trump and Jill Stein as Russian "assets," which I have characterized as the new McCarthyism.

BTW, the US is already at war with Russia but so far is a hybrid war that focuses on the US of economic warfare (sanctions) and propaganda warfare (disinformation and psyops).  The US is also conducting a hot proxy war aimed at Russia in Syria and a "warm" proxy war aimed at Russia in Ukraine. US already also has "boots on the ground" (special forces) positioned in Ukraine, Syria and Libya in addition to the operations of the clandestine services. Go figure.

Fort Russ
Desperate Aggressor: Clinton needs war in Ukraine to stop Trump
Eduard Popov for Fort Russ - translated by J. Arnoldski

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Ryan Harris said...

Russia needs to be more proactive in promoting and discouraging candidates from running. I don't see why Russia can't select candidates for the Ukrainians to vote on. Ukraine is a republic, representatives have to be elected but can be pre-selected by Russia. It works fine for the United States. The rich select a half dozen candidates for people to vote on in elections to run for the two parties. And only major party candidates are allowed to win. That way all the candidates can support the key issues important to Russia, and the citizens can then vote on the candidates other policies which don't matter (as far as Russia is concerned). It's fair, it creates the democracy that makes people feel empowered so they don't rise up and blame government for policy at odds with their interests.

The hard part will be keeping European, UK and US intelligence from selecting their own slate of candidates.