Thursday, September 8, 2016

Frank Li: Understanding China, Truly!

- Tibet, Taiwan, South China Sea, and Hangzhou -

In this brief article Frank Li spells out China's position. The Chinese sound pretty assertive. Both Tibet and Taiwan will remain colonies, and the minerals and vast oil deposits in the South China Sea will be utilized by China. We in the West like to debate things, says Frank li, but China likes to get on with it, although China will be nowhere as aggressive as the Europeans were in the Americas. 

In a previous article (The Great Wall and China), I wrote about China's Great Wall, highlighting its history and the Chinese culture behind it. I also briefly touched upon three big subjects: Tibet, Taiwan, and the South China Sea, with a note: "it's a big subject for another day."
Today is the day! In this article, I will discuss all these three big subjects, plus Hangzhou, my hometown in China, where a G20 summit was held this past weekend.
 1. China: an overview

As one of the six earliest civilizations (Civilizations), Chinese civilization has been in existence for more than 5,000 years.
The bad news for China: Its environment has been severely abused, such as land (e.g. overly cultivated) and air (e.g. polluted).
The good news for China: the current form of government has proven to be the best possible for China! It has been creating tremendous opportunities for the Chinese people, dramatically enhancing the future of China for decades, or even centuries, to come!

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