Saturday, September 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton at the American Legion conference on American exceptionalism

Excellent takedown of both HRC and Trump, but mostly Hillary.

Consortium News
Hillary Clinton’s ‘Exceptionalist’ Warpath
Daniel Lazare

See also

The Scuffle over ‘American Exceptionalism’
Paul R. Pillar
American foreign policy has not worked for decades. Hillary believes all of its myths to her core. This is scary.
It is urgent that she’s stopped: Hillary Clinton’s nightmare neoliberalism and American exceptionalism makes the world a dangerous place 
Patrick L. Smith


Bob said...

A choice between exceptionalism and making America grrrreat!

Bob said...

Btw, where are my royalty cheques for coining the term?

Malmo's Ghost said...

Simple choice in this election. Clinton is batshit crazy. Trump is unpredictable, but he ain't gonna get us in WWIII (Clinton wants war with Russia. Enough said). Actually I think he's far more liberal than Clinton on the policies that matter--although not the SJW baloney she fronts for. I don't give two shits on that stuff.

Like I've said ad nauseum, Trump in a landslide.