Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hillary Spits Something Into Her Glass

We notices something strange during Hillary Clinton's latest coughing fit in Ohio. Take a look for yourself.


Bob said...

The remnants of her soul?

jazeboy said...

A toot or filling or just phlegmn?

Gary Hart said...

Good one Bob, but I don't think she had a soul.

Matt Franko said...

Two cough drops...

Ryan Harris said...

Cough Cough
Who's there
Hillary Who?
The neoliberal.
Actually 538 has a great empirical take down for the usual "neoliberal" excuse for not paying living wages. And they also debunk the academic idea that ever more education will solve the problem. Productivity improvements and lack of demand can not be solved with education and removing labor market "rigidities" and ever lower wages for working people.