Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Lord Keynes — Bibliography on Post Keynesian Economics

The bibliography below is assembled from my various posts, and provides a list of the most important books and articles on various topics within Post Keynesian economics. 
It is divided into the following sections:(1) Introductory Studies(2) Advanced Overviews and Specialised Studies(3) History of Post Keynesian Economics(4) Methodology(5) Uncertainty(6) Endogenous Money(7) Price Theory(8) Trade Theory(9) On the Work of George L. S. Shackle.This is a work in progress. I am not claiming it is exhaustive by any means. There are plenty of additional categories that could be included.
Social Democracy For The 21St Century: A Post Keynesian Perspective
Bibliography on Post Keynesian Economics
Lord Keynes

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