Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Peoples Democracy — The Logic of Neo-Liberal Capitalism

CAPITALISM is a “spontaneous” system in the sense that its dynamic is characterised by the unfolding of certain immanent tendencies, such as the commoditisation of every object, the destruction of pre-capitalist production, and the process of centralisation of capital. The question arises: what is the role of the State in this spontaneous dynamic of capitalism? In general the State in a capitalist society aids this dynamic, removing hurdles to, and accelerating the operation of, its immanent tendencies.…
Peoples Democracy
The Logic of Neo-Liberal Capitalism

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Kaivey said...

Interesting article. The only answer is socialism. Poor farmers in the third world had their livelihoods destroyed by imports of cheaply produced foods produced by the corporations, which have massive machinery and chemicals.

But the middle classes in the West are now being affected by neoliberalism as jobs are shifted offshore. Some of the displaced third world farmers do the white collar work much cheaper than Westerners do.

Some of the displaced workers in the West become fascists believing that immigrants have taken their jobs, but the neoliberal ruling elite took the immigrants jobs first, depraving millions of their livelihoods.

The whole world gets churned up by a few global rich and billions live impoverished lives. The technology is good, but the benefits need to be shared out more. And third world countries don't need the cheap imports which destroy their economies, and neither do we in the West. The benefits of technology can be shared so that things get cheaper without lowering our standard of living, and so increase it.

The future of the world doesn't look good unless we can counter neoliberalism and turbo-capitalism. Lets hope things begin to change as neoliberalism runs out of steam destroying everyone's livelihoods while making a few mega rich.

The arguments put forward by the neoclassical economists are easy to counter now that everyone is being being badly affected by its destructive policies, and so people can easily see that it is BS. But the ruling elite own the media, so we need to go back to 95% tax on the rich and break up their monopolies.

If only people could get the truth, because then they would realise that the reason there is so much pressure from immigration is because of the governments they vote for (who work for the One Percent) which promote more neoliberalism churning up the world. The real answer is a left alternative, which must embrace a people's capitalism. A mixed economy.