Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Robert Parry — New York Times and the New McCarthyism

Traditional U.S. journalism and the American people are facing a crisis as the preeminent American newspaper, The New York Times, has fully lost its professional bearings, transforming itself into a neoconservative propaganda sheet eager for a New Cold War with Russia and imposing a New McCarthyism on public debate.
The crisis is particularly acute because another top national newspaper, The Washington Post, is also deeply inside the neocon camp.
Not like this anything new. The NYT was chief water carrier in propagandizing for the Iraq invasion based on WMD and mushroom clouds.

The news is always bent toward the Establishment view and the opposition demonized. It's just that it used to be somewhat subtle, while now it is getting blatant. And back when the government was influencing the news but no one suspected it based on "the big lie." Now it's clear when even intel chief James Clapper can lie under to Congress and get away with it largely because government is not expected to tell the truth. This also underlies the fury behind leaks and whistleblowers disclosures that show how untrustworthy government actually is.

As a result I no longer believe a word of it.

This is not only about international news. Bill Black has been documenting how slanted domestic news is, too.

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New York Times and the New McCarthyism
Robert Parry

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Kaivey said...

The UK Guardian was the real shocker for me. I bought it for years and believed in it, it is only when I started writing in its online CIF section that I realised something was up. My posts were similar to how they are here, but the Guardian moderators started removing them.

I once put our a post where a policeman said that the City of London was the crime centre of the world and the Guardian promptly removed it. I soon lost interest in the paper after that.

On another occasion the Guardian had an article about Russia being a police state. I laughed my head off and put out a post about the amount of people the US police had killed over the recent years, but the Guardian promptly removed that as well.