Friday, September 16, 2016

SouthFront — US Tries To Protect Jabhat Al-Nusra From Strikes In Syria

You knew this was going to happen. The US cannot overthrow Assad without using terrorists as proxies. 

The strategy is overthrow Assad and then separate the sheep from the goats afterwards. Good luck with that. Russia is not buying. Nor is Iran, Hezbollah or China. 

Of course, the US media will blame Putin and Assad for the failure of the cessation of hostilities, which Obama has said is the last opportunity for cooperation. Doubtless, America's partners are not going to cooperate further when the Great White Father keeps speaking with a forked tongue.

US Tries To Protect Jabhat Al-Nusra From Strikes In Syria


Kaivey said...

Many people just trust their own governments and societies. But when I was young I found out how the British generals in WW1 sent millions of soldiers to their deaths. Using them as canon fodder was a war tactic as legitimate to them as using bullets to wear the enemy down. But the British generals defended their diabolical policies all their lives.

For some reason as a young person I rejected all of the ruling establishment's politics and I could clearly see their brutality and ruthlessness.

But nowadays I see behind the mask of the Western ruling elite even more clearly and it is shocking. As a boy I had fallen for all the old WW2 war films about us being the good guys, but now I know that we were just as evil, or maybe even mere evil, than our enemies.

One film I recently saw made a lot of sense to me, and it stated that organised crime controls our society. Behind the scenes the mafia and other gangs simply run the show. They are embedded within the ruling establishment and this is probably how it had always been, throughout time.

It's a racket, and all capitalism probably is, as the elites don't play by the market rules, they just rig the system to enrich themselves.

The 2008 bailout! A massive con to extract $trillions from the public. As is they didn't have enough already.

Gary Hart said...

What is the name of the film?

Matt Franko said...

Iran and hezzbollah are goats and Russia and China are on the bubble....