Friday, September 2, 2016


I've put this out again because some people missed it. Plus I didn't know how to put the video up on the header until recently so it will stand out more now.

With the solar and wind power producing energy at half the cost of fossil fuel, and with this Low Energy Nuclear Reaction technology ready for service, the future could be looking pretty good for mankind. Let's hope we throw out of power the crazed neocons first before they blow the planet up.

When these scientist first produced the cold fusion experiment the US government got two scientists from rival companies to test it out, but they had new patents for their own 'hot fusion' technology so they said it didn't work. The scientist here explains how Low Energy Nuclear Reaction became so discredited afterwards that no university or company in the world would provide the funds for more research, and so no other scientist was able to try out the experiment. One of the scientists which originally discredited the research has now been successfully sued.

Back in the 1960's and 1970's the West had an enormously technological advantage over other nations but our ruling elite threw it away allowing the other countries to take over. In the 1970's Lord Hanson bought the Ever Ready Battery company and then asset stripped it, sold off its R & D division, and run what was left into the ground. Ever Ready had a terrific brand name and was a world leader in battery technology. Lord Hanson made a pile of money for himself and a few investors and Margaret Thatcher gave him a knighthood. Paul Craig Roberts says that the ruling elite should be put on trial for treason.

It was known how in the UK how we would invent new incredible technology, but other countries would develop it because our banking sector was never interested in investing in industry, just asset stripping it. The lost opportunities are enormous and the Western people have been greatly let down. Our governments should have invested instead, but the neoliberals had taken over.

Published on 5 Aug 2016

David Knight talks to Robert George of Brillouin Energy Corp, about LENR - Low Energy Nuclear Reaction technology that the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) has said “could revolutionize energy production and storage...[and] produce the greatest transformation of the battlefield for US forces since the transition from horsepower to gasoline power.”

Replacing an petroleum based economy with an abundant, compact, clean (no emission, no radiation, no pollution) energy generation system would be disruptive not only to competing forms of energy generation, but to the central banking system based upon the petrodollar. It would also decentralize energy control, removing our dependency on a centralized power grid

We look at the state of the art in what has been labeled “cold fusion” technology and at the opposition from vested money & political interests who don’t want to see this disruptive technology come to fruition.

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Ryan Harris said...

If he could produce unlimited, cheap power, what is stopping him? He doesn't need approval from anyone to start producing power or adding it to the grid. Buy a single solar panel and get a net-metering agreement, then produce fusion electric instead... The startup cost is insignificant. Alternatively with only slightly more investment, he could produce a simple fuel and sell the fuel. The endeavor is immediately profitable at even small scales and doesn't need investment. So the question is why has he spent years claiming a conspiracy rather than simply producing the product. Nothing dispels disbelief like getting stinking rich.

Is he worried that officials will come and shut him down? What could be better publicity than a law suit, the government trying to stop him from saving the world!