Friday, September 9, 2016

TASS — Russian ex-children’s rights ombudsman: President made a wise choice

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on Friday appointing Kuznetsova as the country’s new children’s rights commissioner. Kuznetsova heads the Association of organizations for family protection and an executive committee of the All-Russia People’s Front in Penza, southeast of Moscow.
Kuznetsova, a 34-year-old mother of six, is a public figure and a human rights activist. She also heads the Pokrov regional foundation providing support for families, mothers and children in Penza and is a member of the women’s council subordinated to the governor’s office. She chairs a regional branch of the All-Russian public movement "Mothers of Russia" in Penza.
Sounds like she is eminently qualified for the post.

Russian ex-children’s rights ombudsman: President made a wise choice


Bob said...

Was it necessary to draw this mundane conclusion? Or is there a problem with residual sexism in Russia and around the world?

Tom Hickey said...

The previous person was male. He was dismissed for an insensitive gaffe that a woman would not likely have made. It was a joke and taken out of context, but still, jokes are revealing.

Bob said...

Female politicians have found ways to embarrass themselves and the governments they represent. Making gaffes is not a gendered issue.

Do you believe in stereotypes much?

Tom Hickey said...

Every case is different.

This lady is obviously not the Putin-bot that the West imagines. She's a liberal into human right, a group that Putin is supposedly suppressing.

In addition, my opinion is that a woman with six kids would probably make a pretty good children's ombudsman.

Tom Hickey said...

BTWE, I not saying the guy that was removed was not doing a good job. I Don't know the facts about it. He made a gaffe and had to go. He understands that.

Bob said...

I don't have a problem with black/gallows humor, if that's what it was.