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Vanessa Beeley — 'Aleppo Media Centre’ Funded By French Foreign Office, EU and US

The headline read: “Little boy pulled alive from the rubble”. The Aleppo Media Centre video and photograph of Omran Daqneesh, aka the ‘Dusty Boy” of Aleppo, allegedly rescued by the notorious White Helmets in terrorist-held East Aleppo, went viral almost immediately, rocketed into the propaganda stratosphere by the western mainstream media.
PROPAGANDA HUB: The Aleppo Media Center supplies US, UK, NATO members states, Qatar’s Al Jazeera and many more, with pro-regime change images, providing PR backing for listed terrorist organizations operating in Syria.
This Aleppo Media Centre pulled off a propaganda coup – one that generated calls for a No-Fly-Zone and associated western intervention policies all focused on salvaging the US failed road map of “regime change” in Syria. However, a number of independent international journalists, media analysts, and peace activists began to question the imagery and its source, which revealed some extremely disturbing details – not only about the picture itself, but more importantly about the organization who supplied it to an eager western media.…
If the BBC, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, Al Jazeera and others had conducted a cursory web search they would have quickly found out what other more thorough media outlets discovered.
The identification of alleged photographer of ‘Dusty Boy’ Omran was a man named Mahmoud Raslan [or Rslan] a self-described “activist photojournalist.” According to his own social media profiles and images, Raslan has been revealed as a fully-fledged terrorist sympathizer… 
First lets examine the funding sources of this group of activist-citizen-journalists – embedded alongside the gaggle of religious extremist terrorist groups and other US/NATO state operatives, located exclusively in the Al Nusra Front dominated areas of East Aleppo, itself the launch pad of the daily hell cannon missiles that shatter the lives of the 1.5 million Syrians living in the Syrian state and army controlled West Aleppo.…
Here’s where it gets really interesting. The ‘Syrian Media Incubator’ is a project funded by Canal France International (CFI), the French cooperation agency and media operator of theFrench Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Yes, that is the French Foreign Office, once removed, which is funding the Aleppo Media Centre, the main and primary source of ‘news’ on Aleppo for the whole of the mainstream media outlets in the UK, US and Europe...
France was the colonial power that controlled Syria and it has never given up on its ambitions to exert influence over its former colonies. It was former French president Sarkozy that spearheaded the attack on Libya.
Note here that the EU is also one of the main funding sources for another “Syrian opposition” NGO, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), a one-man show based in Britain and run by a former Syrian convict called ‘Rami Abdelrahman’ (whose real name is Osama Ali Suleiman, photo,left), working in coordination with the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office. Why this is key is that just like the Aleppo Media Centre,the SOHR also provides all of these same western mainstream media outlets, and the US State Department and its allies – with all of their ‘news’ and ‘data’ about what is allegedly happening in Syria.
Rami Abdelrahman’ is based in the UK and has not visited Syria in 15 years.
We are seeing the creation of another sector of the west’s shadow state concealed through a series of western-funded ‘NGO projects’ which is being constructed in the fog of war, brick by brick, until it forms an impenetrable barrier between the greater public andthe truth of what is actually happening inside Syria, and to the Syrian people.
This shadow media enclave is being installed in order to erect the US-NATO propaganda tent – one which suppresses and silences the voices which would normally be heard from inside Syria, but which are blacked-out in favour of contrived, and hoax imagery, and other twisted reporting that categorically refers to Islamist terrorists as ‘rebels’ and ‘freedom fighters’.
It's a pretty simple operation. Western government either acting directly or covertly through NGOs, establish and fund propaganda generators that they use to funnel manufactured  "news" to the Western media that are either too unprofessional to check sources. Some "reporters" and media "professionals" are on the payroll.

This is an in-depth article of investigative reporting. I have just hit some highlights.

21st Century Wire
EXCLUSIVE: ‘Aleppo Media Centre’ Funded By French Foreign Office, EU and US
Vanessa Beeley

More evidence that Western governments are in bed with terrorists because neoliberalism, neo-imperialism and neocolonialism. The stakes are enormous, no less than world domination.

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