Saturday, December 3, 2016

Dave Lefcourt — Why did it have to be this way?

Deve Lefcourt reviews some of US history and concludes:
We have a free press in name only. It's become an unofficial complicit enabler of the government, accepting the government's version of events so the people get from the MSM only what the government provides as its version of events. 
Only the alternative press, mostly internet sites like this one-named as one of the 200 providing "fake news"- can people get a broader version of events, many times questioning the "official" government version. 
If somehow alternative news sites are banned or as been suggested that Google or Facebook act as censors determining what is "fake news" then the Constitution will have been stood on its head, completely subverted and we will have become the dystopian world George Orwell wrote about in his novel, 1984. 
The US will have descended into absolute tyranny.

As to the question why did it have to be this way? Well we weren't vigilant. We took our freedoms for granted. We let it happen. The next question may very well be can the damage be corrected?

I suggest re-reading the Declaration of Independence. 
Why did it have to be this way?
Dave Lefcourt


Noah Way said...

Not government but the financial power for which government is a conduit. Money controls media.

Read George Seldes, this same shit was going on 100 years ago.

Tom Hickey said...

Government is too tempting for the powerful not to capture and control if they can, and they usually can if history is any guide.

Ryan Harris said...

Press Releases, Conferences and statements by various government agencies are quoted and treated as authoritative in media rather than as suspect propaganda or flawed as the humans who produced it. People used to understand propaganda, but at some point, maybe after the wars, the government convinced the media that it was objective.