Monday, December 12, 2016

Eli Clifton — Flynn’s Twitter Account Follows Racists and Conspiracy Theorists

National Security Adviser-designate Ret. Gen. Michael T. Flynn has come under increasing fire. His personal Twitter account and his son’s promotion of Twitter-based conspiracy theories about Comet Pizza are prompting renewed scrutiny of President-elect Trump’s pick for the top national security position in the White House.
A LobeLog review of accounts followed by Flynn reveal that the former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency follows Twitter accounts with profiles promoting white supremacy, anti-Muslim conspiracies, unsubstantiated claims about President Obama’s birthplace, and conspiracies about Comet Pizza, a fake news story. The latter ultimately led to the dismissal of Flynn’s son from the Trump transition team due to his promotion of unsubstantiated claims that the Washington pizzeria was the site of a child sex slave ring.
Ret. Gen. Barry McCaffrey spoke out on Thursday, drawing close to rescinding his support of Flynn’s expected appointment as national security adviser, saying that Flynn’s activities on twitter “border on being demented” and “deserve further scrutiny.”
Flynn has spoken openly about his high regard for the news he gets off Twitter and his preference for social media based news sources over the mainstream media….
The problem doesn't seem to me to be where someone gets their news as much as their discrimination regarding sources and evidence. Moreover, someone with a broad need to know is going to source many different points of view to stay informed of the current mindset and its nuances. So I don't think that the accounts that Get. Flynn follows are necessarily indicative of his position, but it is concerning that he is cited as using fake news as evidence.


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