Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Fox News Poll — Majority says Russian hacking made no difference in 2016 election

A majority of American voters think there was no real effect on the presidential race from Russian cyber-attacks, according to a new Fox News Poll.

CIA officials reportedly believe Russian hackers meddled in the election to help Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton. Yet 59 percent of voters believe the hacking didn’t make a difference.

The poll finds 32 percent think Russia did help Trump in the election, while just one percent says the cyber-attacks aided Clinton.
Looks like American recognize the smell of BS? However, the poll also indicated high confidence in the CIA.

Fox News
Fox News Poll: Majority says Russian hacking made no difference in 2016 election
Dana Blanton

1 comment:

John said...

It didn't make any difference because it didn't exist!

Even if there was some sort of hack, it came from a few sad hackers messing around. Big fucking deal. It wasn't the Russian security services. The US intelligence community investigated it and said they had no idea who was behind the tomfoolery. Now the wackos at the CIA say they think that Trump is a Russian stooge? I mean, really, get a fucking grip. Were all the discontented working class voters and unemployed who voted for Trump also Russian stooges?

The whole thing is too ludicrous to be taken seriously. America has gone full retard. Time to save what's left of the constitution, the Republic and what's left of the near lifeless soul of America!