Sunday, December 18, 2016

Moon of Alabama Sabotage Of East-Aleppo Evacuation Is Part Of A Plan

I doubt that this is a solely al-Qaeda induced incident. It seems to me that the certain U.S. forces (aka the CIA) are trying to prolong the removal of al-Qaeda from east-Aleppo for their own purpose.
Just yesterday the Washington Post (again) reported on the years long collusion between the CIA and al-Qaeda in Syria:
The CIA meanwhile continued to push a program that targeted Russia and its Syrian and Iranian allies — and helped shield Jabhat al-Nusra.
There are several "western" groups that want to keep the evacuation stalled to continue their anti-Syrian, anti-Russian and anti-Iran agenda.
The U.S. administration is miffed that it was kept out of the recent negotiations. It wants to demonstrate that any negotiations without its participation will not have any positive result.
The hundreds of "last video from Aleppo" of "Bana" and other propaganda creatures claiming to be there look like a highly coordinated Information Warfare campaign. The "Stand with Aleppo" campaign in the U.S. was started and is propelled by a Democratic party operative who is also CEO of a public relations company and "strategic affairs consultant" in Chicago, Becky Carroll. Its aim is to escalated the situation in Syria.
Meanwhile members of the Syrian opposition, or rather their "western" controllers in the CIA, are now emphasizing Iran, not Russia, as alleged spoiler in Syria. They claim, without any evidence, that Iran or its operatives held up the evacuations. This is part of a plan to preempt announced Trump policies of negotiating an end of the Syria conflict.
Meanwhile, Western propaganda and fake outrage that "Assad," aided by Russia, Iran, and Hizbullah, is murdering the populace strengthens the liberal narrative of R2P.
The Syrian army should tell al-Qaeda in Aleppo that there will be no longer be any ceasefire. It must make clear that they will now either be interned or killed.
This is also the view of other US military veterans writing elsewhere. Evacuating an enemy to fight them elsewhere after they have regrouped and been rearmed makes no sense militarily. Once the kettle is covered, they should be terminated.

All the protestation of the West is to save their jihadi proxies to fight another day to remove Assad and replace him with a Saudi/Qatari Sunni regime that would end secularism and liberalism in Syria.
It is time to end such sorry play. Clean up Aleppo already. Hollande, Samantha Power and other stooges will howl anyway - no matter how the final scene is done.
Moon of Alabama
Sabotage Of East-Aleppo Evacuation Is Part Of A Plan
Jean Perier

Idlib is the city/region to which the evacuees from Aleppo are being taken. It is controlled by various jihadi groups.
Idlib is to US State Department-listed foreign terrorist organization Jabhat Al Nusra (also known as Jabhat Fateh al-Sham or Al Qaeda in Syria) as the eastern Syrian city of Al Raqqa is to the self-proclaimed “Islamic State” (IS).
It is also home to a wide range of other militant groups cooperating with the terrorist organization, as well as a myriad of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) funded and directed by the US, Europe, Turkey and the Gulf states.
These are the people that the "coalition" plans to replace Assad.

Welcome to Idlib: America’s Model Syrian City
Ulson Gunnar

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