Saturday, December 10, 2016

Paul Robinson — Losing the propaganda war

Bear in mind that this is just one week’s stories. The consumers of Western media are subjected to similar output week after week. The oft-stated claim that ‘Russia is winning the information war’ is rather naïve. It is losing it badly.
The Western liberal establishment is becoming unhinged at the prospect of losing power to the growing populist front whose rise they are responsible for owing to their irresponsible policy. Russia is the political scapegoat as well as their domestic "rabble," and China is the economic scapegoat, along with the "laziness" of domestic workers.

They apparently think they can prevail by doubling down on the narrative. That is called "propaganda." The are actually winning the propaganda war measured by volume, but they are failing to convince in the face of demonstrable failure to deliver and irrational persistence in that failure.

Losing the propaganda war
Paul Robinson | Professor, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottawa

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bbbar said...

I don't buy it, and neither do Paul Robinson's commenters. A quick look at the comment section of any mainstream media anti-Russian propaganda piece reveals at most a parity between those that buy the propaganda line and those that don't. Often, perhaps the majority of the time, the top comments blow holes in the propaganda story, or express admiration for Russia or Putin.