Friday, December 2, 2016

RT — Foreign intel agencies to launch massive cyberattacks on Russian financial system – FSB

Heading 'em off at the pass.
The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) has information that foreign intelligence agencies are preparing to launch cyberattacks aimed at destabilizing Russia's financial system, starting as early as next week.
The attacks will also target the activities of Russia’s largest banks.

The cyberattacks, which will start from December 5, will be accompanied by a massive spam text message campaign and inflammatory social network and blog posts – all related to an alleged crisis in the credit and financial system and the bankruptcy and revocation of licenses from major federal and regional banks, a statement published on the FSB website added.
Dozens of Russian cities will be targeted in the cyber assault, it added.
It has been established that the servers and command centers to be used for the attacks are located in the Netherlands, and belong to Ukrainian hosting company BlazingFast, the FSB reported.…
This would be an act of war if state-sponsored.


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