Monday, December 12, 2016

Zero Hedge — China Flies Nuclear Bomber Above South China Sea In Response To "Ignorant Child" Trump

I said that one-China was a red line with the US. This is the message: All options are on the table. They understand tough negotiating and taking a strong initial position, too.
It wasn't just military posturing however: having largely ignored Trump's verbal outbursts so far, today Chinese state media went on the offensive after Trump’s latest remarks, slamming the US president-elect for being “as ignorant as a child in terms of foreign policy” the SCMP reported.

Beijing added it would have no reason to "put peace above using force to take back Taiwan" if Trump abandoned the policy, which recognises Taiwan as part of China, stated the editorial in the Global Times, which is published by the People’s Daily.
Tyler Durden
Predictably, overnight China responded and expressed "serious concern" on Monday after U.S. President-elect Donald Trump said the United States did not necessarily have to stick to its long-held stance that Taiwan is part of "one China", calling it the basis for relations. Beijing warned Donald Trump that the two countries will have “nothing to discuss” if the US president-elect’s incoming administration decides to discard the four-decade old “One China” policy.

“Adherence to the One China policy is the political bedrock for development of [bilateral] relations,” Geng Shuang, a foreign ministry spokesman, said on Monday. If it is compromised or disrupted, the sound and steady growth of the China-U.S. relationship as well as bilateral cooperation in major fields would be out of the question.”
He added that "the China-U.S. relationship has global and strategic significance. This not only concerns the happiness of both countries and their people, it concerns the peace, stability, development and prosperity of the Asia Pacific (region) and internationally."
“We urge the new [US] leadership to recognise the sensitivity of the Taiwan question and to deal with it in a prudent manner,” Geng added. “Upholding the One China policy was America’s promise and we want them to fulfil this promise.”
The Chinese are notoriously tough negotiators and they will walk away from a deal. Does the US need China more, or does China need the US more? The ball is now in the court of US business.
“For China, there is no balancing of trade and Taiwan,” said Wang Tao, head of China economic research at UBS AG in Hong Kong. “Taiwan is considered the utmost core interest of China, not for bargaining.”
China Hits Back: Warns Trump "Nothing To Discuss" If "One China" Policy Ends


Moon of Alabama
#Fakenews Alert: "China Flies Nuclear Bomber In Response To Trump's Call ..."


MRW said...

Moon of Alabama calls bullshit on this, and names Zero Hedge's report as well.

#Fakenews Alert: "China Flies Nuclear Bomber In Response To Trump's Call ..."

Tom Hickey said...

I updated the post.

But again, perception is reality. The question is whether China was "showing force." Probably.

Bob said...

Depends on what Taiwan does. They could diffuse the situation or escalate it.

Tom Hickey said...

The current president there is into escalating it or he would not have begun it.