Thursday, March 2, 2017

Moon of Alabama Obama Prodded Abuse Of Intelligence To Sabotage Trump Policies

I do not prefer Trump policies. Flynn was a maniac and Session is a crazy fossil. But that does not justify this anti-democratic abuse of the foreign policy instruments of the state against the political opponents within the country.
Obama created these tools and now left them for the Trump administration to use. They will come back to haunt the Democrats. What will they say and do when the Trump administration will use these against them?
Barack Obama is looking worse day by day. He was not an unwitting or unwilling tool of the deep state and neoliberal establishment. He was a creation of it, a care-carrying member, and the leader of it. HRC was groomed to be his successor.  The machinations began the moment of the results of the election were known and continue to the present with the goal of delegitimizing POTUS and removing him from office if possible.

Progressives still haven't figured out how bad they were had.

Moon of Alabama
Obama Prodded Abuse Of Intelligence To Sabotage Trump Policies
If FBI judged it could not prosecute Trump or his close associates for something but nevertheless believed the evidence constituted something disqualifying [impeachment], what they’d want to do is preserve the evidence, make sure SSCI could find it, and provide tips — laid out in the NYT, if need be — about where to look.
And any things that did rise to the level of criminal charges would be a lot easier to charge if someone besides Sessions were in charge.
This seems to be very methodical.
Five Data Points on the Sessions News
emptywheel (Marcy Wheeler)


Bob said...

Obama was misunderstood.

Tom Hickey said...

A lot of people wanted to believe.

Actually, Obama made it clear in his interview with Rachel Maddow shortly have the election. She assumed he was a progressive like her (she was a progressive then), and he set her straight.

Dan Lynch said...

There have long been rumors that Obama had been "groomed" by the CIA before entering politics. Obama has done nothing to make us doubt those rumors.

Tom Hickey said...

The basis of the rumors seems to be the job that Obama had with Business International Corporation, at which CIA agents also worked.

I haven't been able to come up with anything that documents an Obama relationship with the CIA, but that is difficult to document since those relationships are classified. Owing to the BI connection, I would not rule it out though.