Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Jack Ma: The US Wasted $14 Trillion on Wars

Founder of Alibaba, Billionaire Chinese businessman Jack Ma says the US wasted $14 trillion on Wars, but why didn't they invest some of that money in the US to create jobs. He says globalisation did not destroy American jobs, the US ruling elite did. Just think of the profits they could have made out of new technology, but no, the ruling elite are lazy, they don't want to work, pinching someone else's resources is much easier, and setting up bogeymen to start pointless wars so they can screw the American taxpayer.

 If you don't have much time, it's only 1:50 minutes long.


Noah Way said...

Friggin Commie, what does he know?

Kaivey said...

14 $trillion was wasted, but it got spent on the industrial-military complex. Someone made a packet out of it. Much of it probably went to the Cayman islands.

John said...

Kaivey, spot on. There is no such thing as money "wasted". A not entirely precise way of thinking way of thinking about is that of a principle of conservation of money at work. Where do you want the money/resources to flow? To mass murdering psychopaths (MIC), who'll bring terror to the streets of their own countries, and banksters, who rig global markets, launder drug money and crash the system periodically, or would you rather see the money/resources flow to health, education, infrastructure, the civil technology of the future etc? The answer so far has been murder and plunder, or spread "freedom" if you're the kind of gibbering simpleton who wears a flag pin.

hog said...

this sort of thing serves to keep liberals hooked on the taxation before spending narrative.
no shit, war is bad, but military spending hasn't been the reason why the economy went down the drain. a lot of liberals still think the 2007 crash had something to do with bush's "wreckless" military spending, while having no clue as to the negative impacts of clinton's surplus, even worse holding fond memories of it.
in their imagination the budget magically balances if it weren't for "wasteful" military spending. they have no incentive to look beyond that.