Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Putin Interviews Part 2 - Oliver Stone + Putin


GLH said...

Also listen to Paul Craig Roberts interview on youtube. The media is withholding a lot from us.

GLH said...

I couldn't get part 1 and part 4 to work but have started part 2 which is really good. Unfortunately I will have to finish it later. Could you give me a link for the parts 1 & 4 or fix the links on your site?

Kaivey said...

Part 1 has been removed for copyright reasons. The same might be for part 4. Part 2 might go later for the same reason.

Kaivey said...

Putin speaks in English to he camera crew after the interview with Oliver Stone is over in one scene. I've heard he can speak English but prefers not when working professionally. I think that's a shame personally because we only hear him through interpreters normally.

Tom Hickey said...

Putin is fluent in German (but not in English). Merkel is fluent is Russian. They speak in their respective language when they meet.

Kaivey said...

I thought so. That's why I suppose he users an interpreter so its dead right.

I watched the whole of this and thought that Putin was pretty decent guy. I was impressed how he never says a bad word about anyone, he criticises policies but not people.

When you think of how loudmouthed US politicians can be he's completely different.

I really liked Putin and I think Oliver Stone did too.
They have criticised Oliver Stone for being soft on Putin but what makes the film so good is how Oliver Stone and Putin liked each other. This relaxed Putin to be able to show his real self.

Eventually it will be all over Youtube. In the comments section loads of people liked Putin.

I spend a lot of time on the Guardian CiF defending Putin, and a lot of people agree. I have written to George Monbiot defending Putin. I might try writing to Poly Toynbee next.