Monday, July 3, 2017

Ana Maria Santacreu — The New World Leader in Innovation

Fifteen years ago, China was barely on the radar when it came to patents. Now, it files more patent applications than the rest of the world combined.
President Xi has been pushing "innovation."
“We should develop a dynamic, innovation-driven growth model.” — Xi Jinping at Davos, 2017 
He also continued to emphasis harmony.
“It is important to protect the environment while pursuing economic and social progress — to achieve harmony between man and nature, and harmony between man society.”
FRBSL — On the Economy
The New World Leader in Innovation
Ana Maria Santacreu | Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Auburn Parks said...

If the XI cares so much about the environment maybe they can adopt.this 70s era technology called catalytic converters that will help.their urban residents not die from the unbelievable levels of smog and pollution.

But hey politicians from all nations like to.spew.bullshit so.why should.the Chinese.king be any different

Bob said...

Encourage more bicycle use.

Kaivey said...

I put out an article here recently about the terrible working conditions in China. It was called something like, ' the price we post for our addiction to technology'.

China's ascendancy to great heights is made on the backs of near slave labour. Young people leave homes in the countryside for a few years hoping to make sufficient money to bring back home but end up with degenerative diseased.

I had a neoliberal friend of a friend and we went in holiday together but we seemed to spend a lot of time arguing about politics. He thought it was fine when people in poor countries worked in dangerous conditions. It was their choice, he said, they didn't have to. He said often they took the work so that could send their children to universities. He added, all countries progress the hard way to become richer.

We didn't get along very well.

MRW said...

The key to understanding Chinese society is to know that harmony is the key to the highest value.

GLH said...

Kaivey: Your friend should read Hudson;s "America's Protectionist Takeoff" and learn that he doesn't know what he is talking about. America got rich with a high wage protectionist policy.