Sunday, July 16, 2017

Robert Waldmann — Bizarro World

Health insurers confess to be being held hostage by Wall Street against their will. Some GOP senators react.

Capitalism at its "finest."

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Bizarro World
Robert Waldmann

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Noah Way said...

The GOP health plan would be the kiss of death for private insurance.

That is why they are begging the GOP to back off. Insurers have a sweet racket going - regional monopolies, no fear of anti-trust action, huge profits + government subsidies for low-benefit plans. The $8400 in premiums we pay gets us two $7k deductibles. It's all calculated down to a fraction of a penny to maximize profit.

Over 60% of citizens strongly support Medicare for All, which is what will have to happen (or not) if/when they blow up the ACA (which is indeed shit, except for the 17m who went from nothing to Medicare under it).

Which is why I'm hoping the Senate passes this shit, reconciles it with the House, and that Trump signs it. Put the peddle to the metal, boys!