Sunday, July 2, 2017

RT — Zakharova: Propaganda campaign on ‘Damascus using chemical weapons’ is launched

With ISIS largely routed in Syria, the end game has begun. Presently, the Syrian government alliance with Russia, Iran and Hezbollah is positioned to become dominant.

Expect the opposition, supported by the coalition led by the US, to attempt to counter this.

As a consequence the propaganda rationalizing coalition intervention will likely greatly increase, and Russia is claiming this effort has already begun. Russia is acting to head it off.

This is s dangerous time, since it brings two nuclear powers into military confrontation if coalition intervention increases in Syria.

From a strategic POV, it is unlikely that the US will limit its action to Syria if a decision is made to push ahead with a plan to partition Syria first and then to remove Assad subsequently. Some diversionary moves to occupy Russia and Iran are also likely, e.g, a Ukrainian offensive in Donbas.

This is an especially dangerous time since the US push to surround and contain Russia and China is pushing both countries into a strategic alliance, as well as as a push to increase their military capabilities. This is creating alarm among US and NATO militaries, which see the gap quickly closing.
A propaganda campaign to blame Syria’s government for alleged use of chemical weapons has begun, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has warned, adding that the effort is expected to be massive and include “many fakes.”

“As we warned a few days ago, a media propaganda campaign on the ‘use of chemical weapons by Damascus’ has begun,” Zakharova wrote on Facebook.
Zakharova: Propaganda campaign on ‘Damascus using chemical weapons’ is launched
A military-diplomatic source told Sputnik that Jabhat Fatah al Sham terrorist group, formerly known as al-Nusra Front, is allegedly preparing provocations at a storage in Syria's Idlib with the use of sarin gas in the towns of Khan Sheikhoun and Kefraya.
Now that the US media have shown that anonymous sources work.

Sputnik InternationalNusra Preparing Sarin 'Provocation' in Syria's Khan Sheikhoun, Kefraya
Russia believes that a provocation involving a fake chemical attack is being prepared in Syria - and that the attack will be used as an excuse by the United States to escalate the conflict.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said during a press briefing in Moscow that Russia believes that a provocation is being prepare in the Syrian town of Saraqeb or Ariha.
RI Staff
Russian military and diplomatic sources have warned that terrorists of Al Nusra Front/Tahrir Al Sham are preparing a new false flag operation by using sarin gas, somewhere in the countryside of the northwestern Syrian province of Idleb.
“Based on the information available, terrorists of Al Nusra Front are preparing themselves for a provocative act by using Sarin gas,” Sputnik News Agency quoted one of the sources, adding that preparations for the act itself are being made in one of the buildings in the town of Maghara in Idleb countryside, where terrorists also stock their prohibited chemicals.

Aside from terrorists, several people, known to be Turkish and American citizens, are reportedly being involved as well.
Anonymous sources as in the US media. The Russians have also learned from the US how to get ahead of the story.

Fort Russ
"Al Nusra Front [Al Qaeda] to Carry Out False Flag Attack by Using Sarin Gas, With the Help From US and Turkey" - Moscow
SANA - - translated by Samer Hussein 
An Islamist rebel group has accused the Syrian army of using chlorine gas against its fighters on Saturday, according to Reuters.

Since the alleged chlorine holocaust involves Islamist rebels, and not small children, we imagine this is probably a dress rehearsal for something much larger
Sputnik International
RI Staff
Klintsevich also pointed out the connection between the provocation and the soon arrival of a US carrier strike group to the Syrian shore.
“As soon as it [the group] arrives, the provocation with the use of chemical weapons will occur and the United States will launch an air attack,” the lawmaker said.
Sputnik International
Russian MP Links Possible Use of Sarin in Syria to Arrival of US Carrier Group
Russian Coordination Center from Hmeimim, Lattakia, said the Syrian Army never used any sort of chemicals, while conducting the counter-terrorists raids in the Damascene districts of Ein Tarma and Jobar.

According to a statement from the Russian diplomatic source, several officers from the Russian Coordination Center, were doing their work on Saturday evening in Al Kabbas neighborhood of Damascus (and which is located right next to Ein Tarma), stressing that no chemicals were ever used there or anywhere around.

The source also said Russia is in possession of an irrefutable evidence, proving that terrorists in Syria are using foreign-made weapons and ammunition, noting that Russian officers took photos of shrapnels from weapons and ammunition, discovered on the ground, along with their serial numbers.
SANA - - translated by Samer Hussein

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Bob said...

If the US wants to intervene militarily, there's nothing Russia or Iran can do on the propaganda front. Arranging a fake gas attack is easy. Demonizing the enemy is easy. Winning on the battlefield is what counts.

Lot of hot air so that Trump can look presidential again. The fact that American public opinion is against intervention in Syria or Iran counts for nothing.

Bob said...

They should be talking to the Kurds, and convince them not to lead any assault against ISIS outside of Kurdish homelands.