Saturday, August 12, 2017

Conor Lynch — Bernie Sanders, the socialist revival and the unexpected upsurge of millennial Marxism

Though the 75-year old senator played an essential role in demystifying socialism to the public and instilling a radical spirit in the progressive movement, the current resurgence of class politics on the left has been in the works for many years, going back to the 2007-08 financial crisis.
It hasn’t been white-haired socialists who have provided the foundation for this resurgence, but young people who grew up in the era of neoliberalism. This was evident last week, when progressive millennials flocked to Chicago for the biannual Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) convention, where delegates came together to vote on various resolutions for the party. In the past year, the DSA has tripled its membership, and what is particularly telling about this growth is that the average age of DSA members has dropped by half virtually overnight, from 64 in 2015 to just 30 today.... 
Bernie Sanders, the socialist revival and the unexpected upsurge of millennial Marxism
Conor Lynch

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Kaivey said...

I look around and see how the ruling elite have won. They managed through propaganda to turn ordinary people against socialism where they would get a better deal. Now unions are dying and and government services are being privatized, which means she super rich make all The profits. And the socialist experiment in Latin America is being destroyed while the ruling elite also strip all the wealth out of Africa.

The world has become capitalism on steroids and a handful of super rich own almost everything. It's plain to anyone who looks into this system to see how unfair and biased it is. It seems that the millennials are starting to notice. From the article:

Finally, millennials have grown up in a time when moneyed interests have completely infiltrated the political process, creating an oligarchic form of government that serves the economic elite rather than the majority.