Friday, August 4, 2017

Germany, “Up in Arms” Against Washington’s Sanctions Regime, By Peter Koenig

 Everybody with a clear mind is up in arms about the US Congress’ latest sanctions against Russia –  and as usual – sanctions for naught- zilch, zero – since Russia hasn’t done any of the things Washington and the servile west accuses her of, like interference in US elections (US secret services have repeatedly said there is no evidence whatsoever), interference in Ukraine (Washington / NATO / EU have instigated and paid for the bloody Maidan coup in February 2014); annexing Crimea (an overwhelming (97%) vote by the people of Crimea for reincorporation into the Russian Federation – their given right, according to the UN Charter). Even if Russia wanted to, she couldn’t correct any of her ‘mistakes’. 

They are all invented.

None of the accusations have any substance. But the western presstitute keeps hammering them into the dimwitted brains of the populace. We can only repeat with Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Propaganda Minister: “Let me control the media, and I will turn any Nation into a herd of Pigs”. Well, the western Anglo-Zionist propaganda machine has successfully turned western civilizations (sic) into a herd of pigs.

Is every member of the US Congress really that stupid to believe, for example, in Russian interference in US presidential elections? – Or do they simply believe “We, the US of A and Masters of the Universe, do it all the time, so Russia must be doing it too”?

But this below I especially like. I've been a liberal all my life with very high ethics but I find the lack of morality of the neoliberals appalling. Europe is being rapidly changed by mass immigration and the 'good liberals', not the neoliberals, are so scared that they might have a racist thought or feelings are allowing it to happen. The neoliberals are destroying the world looking for more profits and domination and they get away with it because they captured the minds of the liberals, which is most of Western society, through their propaganda and media. 

Which brings our western system to the point – total lawlessness, no morals no ethics – an everything-goes neoliberalism, turned neo-fascism. Make no mistake – open your eyes – in case you haven’t noticed, that is what we are living today. Destruction of ancient civilizations; Greece, as well as the cradle of today’s western culture mercilessly devastated; Syria, Iraq and almost the entire Middle East and North Africa up in flames – and nobody says peep. It’s become the new normal. The sick western society just gulps beer and watches football. A full-blown, careless, selfish ‘redneckization’ of the West.

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Autumn Cote said...

Would it be OK if I cross-posted this article to There is no fee, I'm simply trying to add more content divxersity for our community and I liked what you wrote. I'll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. If "OK" please let me know via email.


Kaivey said...

Everything in italics was written by Peter Koenig and was an excerpt from the link. I wrote the rest. Feel free to use it.

Noah Way said...

No worries, enforcement will be "selective".

Kaivey said...

If anyone reads the article Peter Koenig says Angela Merkel's anger at the sanctions is just for show to gain popularity with the electorate. She's another puppet.

'But Madame Merkel doesn’t belong into the category of ‘stupid’ – she just wants by all means to be elected. Or better said, she is ordered to be re-elected for the 4th time on 24 September 2017 by the Deep Dark State. Therefore, she has to do what makes her popular at home, even to the seeming detriment of her relationship with Washington.'

Tom Hickey said...

The Body Language of Power

About Merkel.

BTW, Peter Koenig is an interesting fellow. Too bad he is reduced to posting this on a fringe site like Info Wars.

Kaivey said...

i thought Peter Koenig's writing was so pertinet, and it should be in the MSM but we have propaganda instead. I never thought it would come to this, that we the 'good guys' are really the bad guys who are without any morality whatsoever. I think it is human nature to believe your own side is good, after all, when you are a child you think your society is good because on the whole it is. We are blind to our own malice. My dad told me the British never tortured anyone in WW2, only the nasty Germans did that, and I believed him. I think most people couldn't cope with it if they thought there own side was evil. Tht's why governments use propaganda. And then there are the patriots who always follow their own side no matter.

It's shocking to see such evil emanating from the West and how the whole of western society is towing the line. It's like the herd instinct, which it is. Are there no individuals in Western society?

I always knew Washington was evil - and whenever I say the US I mean Washington, not the US people. But just the same, this never fully it home until a few years ago. The internet opened my eyes and I saw videos on how in WW2 the British were (almost) just as evil as the Germans, and the fact that we weren't as bad probably had nothing to do with our good intentions looking at the history of the British Empire. So all Empires are evil. It's up to the left and the fair minded conservatives to expose their governments.

When people criticize me of being anti American that is totally wrong. Loads of Americans think like me, and most Americans would too if they knew the truth. are right wingers who are passionately anti war. and Charles Ortel, the super rich banker and exposure of Hilary, is committed to peace. He's part of the One Percent, but like Warren Moslor he's not part of the ruling class.

And while I'm here I'm not anti-capitalism either. When the moderate left criticize capitalism they mean the imperialistic system run by the ruling elite. People starting their own business and making money is human nature and serves the community building a good society.