Tuesday, October 10, 2017

David Barno and Nora Bensahel — The Growing Danger of a U.S. Nuclear First Strike on North Korea


War On The Rocks
The Growing Danger of a U.S. Nuclear First Strike on North Korea
Lt. Gen. David W. Barno, USA (Ret.), Distinguished Practitioner in Residence, and Dr. Nora Bensahel, Distinguished Scholar in Residence, School of International Service, American University. Both also serve as Nonresident Senior Fellows at the Atlantic Council.

See also

NATO’s Expanding Military Exercises Are Sending Risky Mixed Messages
Ralph S. Clem | Emeritus Professor of Geography at Florida International University and a retired Air Force Reserve intelligence officer

Not exactly confidence-building.


Noah Way said...

re: "growing Danger" - Yes, it would be a disaster beyond measure, that is without doubt. But the supporting links (30-60 nukes [WaPo], ability to reach the US [NYT]) are simply propaganda. Stating this disinformation as assumed "fact" does not add to the argument.

Tom Hickey said...

It's interesting that the authors are distinguished professionals, and they simply assume that what is published in the NYT and WaPo as "papers of record" is accurate when they are two of the primary purveyors of fake news, along with the WSJ. It demonstrates the power of the press in constructing consensus reality.

Kaivey said...

It's like when I discovered Momentum (which I am a member of) and the Stop the War coalition were aggressively pushing Jeremy Corbyn to be much tougher on Russia and to support more sanctions. I thought, where are they getting their news from, I would have thought these people would be far better informed. It's shocking!