Tuesday, October 17, 2017

On Iran, Trump Follows Iraq War Neocons — Aaron Maté interviews Lt. Col. Lawrence Wilkerson

Wilkerson sees war approaching.

On Iran, Trump Follows Iraq War Neocons
Aaron Maté interviews Lt. Col. Lawrence Wilkerson

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In the U.S., Russia-hating liberals are joining the neocons in seeking more war in Ukraine, as the prospects for a rational and peaceful resolution to the crisis continue to fade, explains James W. Carden.
Consortium News
Fueling More Bloodshed in Ukraine
James Carden

US forces conducted airstrikes against two ISIS training camps in Yemen on Monday, killing dozens of ISIS fighters and "disrupting the organization's attempts to train new fighters," according to a statement released by the Pentagon.
A US defense official told CNN this is the first US strike specifically targeting ISIS in Yemen. Two camps, containing an estimated 50 fighters, were targeted.
First US airstrike targeting ISIS in Yemen kills dozens
Barbara Starr and Zachary Cohen, CNN

Taliban militants struck government targets in many provinces of Afghanistan on Tuesday, killing at least 69 people, including a senior police commander, and wounding scores of others.
Taliban attacks kill at least 69 across Afghanistan
Mirwais Harooni

Taliban forces overran two district centers in Kandahar and Farah provinces over the past two days, according to reports from Afghanistan. The jihadist group continues to gain ground in Afghanistan despite a change in US strategy that has reduced restrictions on commanders to launch airstrikes against the group.
FDD's Long War Journal
Taliban overruns 2 districts in southern Afghanistan
Bill Roggio

“The bottom line is we don’t know,” said Ted Postol, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor emeritus of science, technology and international security. “I believe it’s unlikely they can deliver an atomic bomb to the United States at this time, but we can’t rule it out.”
Los Angeles Times
Can North Korea’s missiles deliver an atomic weapon to the U.S. mainland? Maybe.
Raoul Rañoa and Angelica Quintero | Contact Reporters

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