Thursday, November 2, 2017

Paul Craig Roberts - Washington Corruption Is Unparalleled In History

Dr. George Szamuely, a distinguished member of the Global Policy Institute of London Metropolitan University, is a British citizen and not a partisan of US politics. He has carefully investigated the so-called Russian dossier and reports that it was entirely the work of the Hillary Democrats.
This fact was known at the beginning both to former CIA director John Brennan and to former FBI director James Comey. Yet both went along with the DNC-invented story of Russian election hacking and Christopher Steele’s fake “dossier” on Trump’s imagined relations with Russians.
The presstitute media told the lies that they were supposed to tell. The consequence of this plot has been to waste the first year of Trump’s presidency and to prevent President Trump from reducing the dangerously high tensions with nuclear power Russia. This is a disservice not only to President Trump but also to the American people and the planet itself.
Dr. Szamuely delivers the sordid details of the plot by a corrupt American establishment to destroy a president selected by the people and not by the ruling interest groups.
The arrest of Paul Manafort by former FBI director Robert Mueller is a further indication of the corrupt character of Washington and the “law” that it utilizes as a weapon. Mueller is supposed to be investigating “Russiagate.” His arrest of Manafort has nothing whatsoever to do with Russiagate. Mueller arrested Manafort on the basis of allegations that in 2006, a decade prior to “Russiagate,” Manafort did not report as income payments he received as an unregistered agent for the Ukrainian government.
According to newspaper reports at the time, Zionist Neoconservative Richard Perle, a former member of the Defense Policy Board and an Assistant Secretary of Defense, served as an unregistered agent for Turkey and was not arrested for his violation of the registration act.
But Manafort is different. By arresting Manafort, who served for a time as Trump’s presidential campaign manager, Mueller can pile on false charges until Manafort buys his way out by providing Mueller with false charges against Trump.
In US federal courts today, charges no longer have to be proven, just asserted. If Trump’s surrender to the military/security complex and abandonment of his intention to normalize relations with Russia do not suffice to make Trump acceptable to the military/security complex, Mueller can squeeze Manafort until Manafort agrees to whatever story Mueller hands him. The last thing Manafort or Trump can count on is justice. There has been no justice in the US “Justice” system for decades.


Ryan Harris said...

Did you look at the alleged Russian "interference" memes?
I about fell over, they were the dumbest memes. In an election that had some of the best memes in all of history, seriously jaw dropping dank wrong memes, the congress thinks these stupid weak memes somehow interfered with our election.

Baffling how out of touch beltway folks are. But they aren't really -- My senator, on the committee investigating collusion, is on twitter every morning early. He knows better, he knows the investigation is BS. It makes me wonder wtf is really happening that all these people put on this show about something so clearly BS and fake, maybe it's important as a social signal to cooperate with people even when they are off the rails, or maybe important because they are off the rails, to help them come back from the fantasy. I don't believe in conspiracies, almost ever, but this Russia! thing is the craziest period in history that I've ever observed. Completely bizarro.

Matt Franko said...

Sessions has been HORRIBLE....

Kaivey said...

It's crazy because all the press are going along with it. To see such obvious propaganda right before our eyes and people believing it. I write to George Monbiot of the Guardian about it. I send him links and excerpts, and I ask him what's going on. I say this could lead to WW3, I tell him the military-industrial complex is trying to boost sales, peace is bad for their business. George Monbiot is not stupid, he must know what's going on, but he can't do anything about it. He never replies.

Tyler Healey said...

Russian politician says on live TV that Russia stole U.S. presidency

Ryan Harris said...

Of course Russia has intelligence operations in the US. Compared to the amounts spent by Brits on influencing our election, the germans, or China, Russia is puny. The Brits and Canada and Mexico covertly and overtly manipulated the election. Yet no one feels the need to investigate -- it's just normal. So Why Russia! Why is the Russia, and by Russia I mean a Ukrainian social media automation software company with a few thousand dollars more damaging than say the BBC which is seen and heard by 10,000x more people and is explicitly under the control of the British Government and openly used as a tool for Brit-intel with media worth hundreds of millions OK though. Because Putin!. So what is it about Putin? Is he more malicious than Xi, Trudeau, May, Calderon/Fox/Pena Nieto. If Russia supports nationalist groups around the world is that different than the US supporting democracy groups around the world or promoting capitalism? Than China setting up Confucian centers? Is democracy so fragile that less than $100,000 spent on media can destroy an election of the President? Really? Bizarre. At the same time, Hillary's campaign manager Podesta and his brother's lobbying firm were taking money from Ukranians for military and other policy advocacy and giving foreign graft to the Clinton fdn to get Sec of State to do things. At the same time Mueller OK'd the Clintons/Podesta taking money in exchange for Uranium One assets -- while Mueller's top aids were given jobs working for a Ukranian security firm which happened to be the same people that found evidence of Russian collussion on DNC servers but now refuse to provide Mueller the evidence, and Mueller hasn't subpoenaed despite the fact he is running the investigation that hinges on that evidence. All very odd. No conspiracy, all public and documented just weird. Imagine if Trump had done what Clinton/Podesta/Mueller did! Hot dog. He'd be impeached if not imprisoned. But then he isn't a Democrat, so he doesn't get the pass.