Monday, November 6, 2017

Pepe Escobar - How the DPRK Riddle is Freaking out the US Establishment

North Korea may be a small nation that has a few crude nukes compared to the US but behind the scenes Washington fears that NK could fire a few nuclear warheads over the US and take out its entire electronic infrastructure leading to a nightmare catastrophic.  It seems that the US will have to find a peaceful solution. 

The number one concern is about “the present satellite and missile capacity of North Korea to detonate nuclear bombs over the US knocking out the entire electronic infrastructure through a electromagnetic impulse (EMP) attack liquidating 90% of the American population within a year. This concurs with public statements by Putin that tiny countries in the future can obtain the capacity to destroy superpowers.” 
Putin’s comment should be interpreted as this possible DPRK threat being capable of affecting a very advanced nation much more than those in the Global South; a completely different dimension compared to the former MAD concept of mutually assured (nuclear) destruction. 
In his own presentation to Trump, Mattis emphasized the EMP “as a potential horror beyond imagination. Within 24 hours Walmart shelves would have nothing on them.  Food distribution would grind to a halt. Food riots all over the US would take place. 80% of the population would perish according to Mattis.”
Pepe Escobar - How the DPRK Riddle is Freaking out the US Establishment

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Noah Way said...

The odds of a naturally occurring EMP from a solar flare are multiple orders of magnitude higher than a North Korean nuke being exploded in the upper atmosphere. Not only have solar flare power outages already happened, there are not enough spare parts (transformers) in existence to replace any equipment damaged in even a moderate solar storm. It would be years before the power grid could be restored.

So the "threat" is there, but from an entirely different source - which is ignored - in favor of squandering money on military contractors who profit on destabilizing the world.

U$A! U$A!