Monday, November 13, 2017

Yiğit Bulut — “I am sorry for the Greeks. They have been left with nothing.”

Greece will be in a “non-functional condition” until 2020, predicts the advisor to the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Yiğit Bulut, who characterizes the Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras as a “tool of the imperialists”.
Speaking on the state television programme “Deep Analysis” he gave the example of Greece to show the consequences of imperialism for global political developments.

”They sold off everything. The banks have passed into the hands of the Germans. They have been left with nothing. People in Greece wait for products from Germany and Italy. There is a film about 300 Spartans who fall heroically in battle. Those 300 of Leonidas should come back to Greece now, because nothing has remained standing.
Conquest by economic warfare.

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Yiğit Bulut: “I am sorry for the Greeks. They have been left with nothing.”
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Kristjan said...

Most of these so called progressives said Greece should not leave euro. Some of them showed up in the comments here. Happy now? Nationalism is not the answer, Europe needs reforms?

Matt Franko said...

New golden era approaches:

According to Bloomberg people...

Noah Way said...

Empty link to 'taking the homes' ...

Tom Hickey said...

Thanks. Broken link now fixed.

Michael Norman said...

Alexander the Great must be rolling over in his grave.

Andrew Anderson said...

"Ya can't cheat an honest man"?

Given how few honest men (and women) there seem to be wrt reforming banks and fiat creation, it appears the banks will continue to cheat the human race till the Second Coming puts a stop to them.

The irony is that honest reform would be nearly painless so the tragedy is even greater.