Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Whitney Webb — Birth Of An Insurgency: The US-Israeli “Secret Deal” To Manipulate Protests In Iran

With the Trump and Netanyahu administrations now working in lockstep, U.S.-Israeli hostility towards Iran has now ripened into a plan to repeat what befell Syria over six years ago – the hijacking of minor protests and their transformation into the cover for a foreign-funded insurgency intent on toppling Iran’s elected government.
Mint Press
Birth Of An Insurgency: The US-Israeli “Secret Deal” To Manipulate Protests In Iran
Whitney Webb

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Short and important. Flores is a good analyst. He views this as interim move and strategic iteration rather than the tactical play as a lead-up to the endgame of regime change.

Fort Russ
ANALYSIS: The US's goal in Iran this week is EU sanctions, not regime-change
Joachim Flores, Editor-in-Chief of Fort Russ News


Kaivey said...

That's a description of pure evil. If that war breaks millions may die, and if it goes wrong, billions may die, or maybe the whole planet will die. What drives these people, because they have so much money that their families for the whole of eternity will always be wealthy? They have to be psychopaths because do they really think it is okay to encourage such a terrible war.

Tom Hickey said...

Bibi knows that there will never be deal to resolve the issue of the Palestinians for the simple reason that the Zionists don't want a deal. That means that to live in peace, Israel needs to dominate the entire region since they are greatly outnumbered.

The US elite is on board with this, since the plan is to either create US puppet dictatorships or liberal democracies that the US can control by influencing elections.

The game is very simple, like most of geopolitics-geostrategy, once one understands the chess board and the rules by which the game is played. It's a zero sum game without tradeoffs other than to gain time or some temporary advantage before the endgame.

The US geopolicy-strategy is to create a unipolar world order under US hegemony (read dominance) without challengers. This means partitioning large potential competitors, with Russia and China at that top of the list. But India and Indonesia will be on the list eventually in this scenario, unless they (neo)liberalize under the US world order.

Oh, and add to this white supremacism.

Kaivey said...

Capitalism starts off being a good idea but in the end you get the self perpetuating ruling elite who control everything. Basically what we have is a monopoly where a small amount of people that own almost everything. It's a real life Monopoly game.

If a poor country discovers great natural resources it should make that country rich, but it usually only makes an elite rich, unless a country nationalizes it, but that isn't allowed nowadays. But the elite might sell the resources to mega rich Western corporations after which the civilians of that country could remain poor forever, and yet it's their country. This has happened all over the world where the City of London and Wall Street have got to own most of it except for a few independent countries.

The idea of a few self perpetuating Western ruling elite owning everything in the world for eternity is repellant. We now get into philosophical arguments. We want people to be free and many talented people will become very rich, but can we allow an elite to come into being who get to own everything, and can we allow a self perpetuating elite to always rule without merit as they would have been just born into it.

The Chinese system looks better, but that only works of you have a benign and benevolent government, but throughout Western history that seems to be a rare event. Hmmm, there must be a solution.