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Greg Palast - The “Steele Dossier” on … Me: Why I won’t praise the FBI lie & spy machine

I love Greg Palast, he infiltrated the Chicago School and was a pupil under Milton Friedman, but he was an impostor who only enrolled at the university to find all the faults in their theories. He became a first class student, excelled at mathematics, and even wrote a paper with Milton Friedman, but when Friedman wanted to publish it, Greg Palast downplayed his part in it and got Friedman to remove his name. Phew!

Greg Palast has a superb image as a B-movie undercover private detective and his books are so well written they are very entertaining too, but I feared that he may be a hoodwinked liberal like most of them going along with Russiagate, especially as he is on the Guardian and BBC payroll, but not so, he's still a hero.

See how Paul Singer turns up here, a guy who snatches the money set aside to buy food and medicines for hungry and sick children in the third world to make his billions, so why haven't the evangelists demanded that he be thrown out of the GOP? I can't see how The lord would approve of this.  KV

Greg Palast

Do we hate Trump so much, we’ll cheer FBI perjury, cheer the monstrous FISA star chamber and the surveillance horror show exposed by Ed Snowden?

Like it or not, that creepy little GOP shill Rep. Devin Nunes, revealed facts that should scare us.  First, FBI agents failed to tell the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) court that the file it used to justify spying on a US citizen, the “Steele dossier,” was paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

True, the FBI dropped a footnote about the source coming from a "political entity," a fuzzy cover-our-ass comment that failed to state known partisan bias. But failure to tell the court the whole truth and nothing but the truth is perjury.

Ironically, Nunes himself commits the same perjury, by failing to mention the original creator of the report.  Before Hillary paid for a copy, the file was already written for a news front sponsored by Republican billionaire Paul Singer.  Singer: Better known as “The Vulture.”

Singer The Vulture, the court should have been told, has a long history of creating what FBI Director James Comey himself called “salacious and unverifiable” files on his enemies.

I know.  Because The Vulture created a file on me. And on elected officials worldwide who got in the way of his next billion.  Poisonous garbage – but really effective, deadly garbage.

In 2011, I flew to the Congo and discovered that The Vulture had seized the funds meant to end a cholera epidemic.  I reported on Singer’s deadly capers at the top of the BBC news, on the front page of the Guardian and on Democracy Now!


To spike the story, The Vulture’s PR flunky called BBC and said, “We have a file on Greg Palast.”  Apparently, it contained the same kind of salacious garbage peddled by Steele.
The BBC pressed Singer's flak to turn over the actual dossier. Singer’s flunky backed down after admitting it contained old fabricated smears that had been long discredited. (In fact, a US power company had to write me a fat check in punishment for the libel.)

So, it’s personal.  When I hear that some Trump toady is slimed by a suspect Singer file, I don’t clap with joy.

Steele-style dossiers by GOP Vulture
Singer has slipped secret, poisoned dossiers to media outlets to destroy the reputations of elected officials from Argentina to the Congo — all to make another billion.
Indeed, his PR flak boasted how he had planted stories about the president of the Republic of Congo with a pliant Washington Post. It was part of Singer's campaign to seize $400 million from the Congo for old bonds he bought for just $10 million during the nation’s civil war. Singer seized funds that were made available to the Congo by US and European taxpayers to help the destitute nation clean its water supply and end a cholera epidemic.
Even the US Treasury has accused him of “extortion.”
Singer’s smear campaign shifted to Argentina.  The nation’s President Cristina Kirchner refused to pay “El Buitre” (The Vulture) billions he demanded for old bonds based on legal flim-flam. Vulture-financed groups deployed dossiers that accused Kirchner of murder!
It worked. The new president, Mauricio Macri, in his first days in office, paid Singer the billions of dollars Kirchner had refused.

You can hate Trump all you want. But when FBI agents bend official statements to protect one candidate over another, our democracy is shot in the stomach.

Is Trump a bloviating bigot, a nuclearized narcissist miscreant? That’s a fact. So, why are we rushing to join his bonfire of our liberties?

Take my word for it: you don’t want the FBI picking our presidents.

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