Monday, February 12, 2018

Lee Camp - The Failure Of The Líberal Elíte With Claire Connelly

When I first heard this I did not know who Claire Connelly was, but I thought this is really good, and then near the end she started saying how governments who issue their own currency can never run out of money. Wow, MMT!

She is part of the Renegade Inc, the people who made the excellent Four horseman movie, but near the end of the film they said money should be tied to gold to stop banks creating as much of it as they want, but it seems now that Renegade Inc have finally embraced MMT.  Superb!

Claire Connelly goes over all the issues we cover here, like how terrible neoliberalism is, the rotten corporations, and the evil military-industrial complex. 

G Kuljian writes in the comment section below: 'Wow, she's bright. With people like her, there's room for optimism that the truth will spread.'

Well, that's what I thought. KV

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