Monday, February 12, 2018

Iran Air: A Woman in Command — Interview with CEO Farzaneh Sharafbafi

While the West is all in a huff about repression of women in Iran over the headscarf law, women occupy senior positions in industry and government.
Invited to Paris by the French-Iranian Center along with some 30 Iranian business leaders, the aeronautical engineer sought to break the clichés about the Iranian women. Translated excerpts from the interview follow:

LE POINT: An Iranian woman as a chief executive … Is this not contradictory?

SHARAFBAFI: No, I don’t see any contradiction whatsoever. Why should it be the case?

LE POINT: Considering the Islamic law in Iran, it seems hardly conceivable that a woman could occupy such a position.

SHARAFBAFI: This is nothing new. It has been more than a decade since I was general manager of Iran Air. Beyond my case, a very large number of women in Iran are in positions of importance. Today, 17% of our managers at Iran Air are women. So we do not feel it’s new or special.

LE POINT: So you don’t feel like being an exception in Iran?

SHARAFBAFI: I am an exception by nature (laughs). But I do not think that my appointment broke the taboo you describe. Do not forget that we have a large number of deputy ministers and vice presidents in Iran who are women. For example, Ms. Laya Joneydi is vice president for legal affairs.
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Financial Tribune (Iran)

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