Saturday, April 14, 2018

Claire Connelly — Long Wars

Canadian analyst, Stephen Gowan’s new book, ‘Washington’s Long War on Syria‘, reveals how the US colluded with The Muslim Brotherhood – the ideological precursor to Al Qaeda and ISIS – to destroy Ba’ath Arab Socialism in Syria, Iraq, Iran and Libya, and install permanent free-trade zones that serve US interests across The Middle East.
From Syria, to Iraq, Iran to Libya, our understandings of the long-wars in the Middle-East as moral, humanitarian interventions designed to democratise and civilise are the result of a carefully crafted propaganda campaign waged by the US and its allies.
Each of these uprisings were launched by US proxies, designed to destabilize the regions, justifying regime change that suit the economic interests of its investors, banks and corporations, captured comprehensively in a new book by Canadian author and analyst, Stephen Gowans, Washington’s Long War on Syria.
You might be surprised to know that both the Libyan, Syrian and Iraqi government, led by Muammar Gaddafi, Hafez Al Assad, (succeeded by Bashaar Al Assaad) and Sadaam Hussein respectively, were socialist governments. Or Ba’ath Arab Socialist governments, to be precise.
Ba’ath Arab Socialism can be summed up in their constitutions supporting the values of: ‘freedom of the Arab world, freedom from foreign powers and freedom of socialism’.…
The hidden agenda revealed, in case you had not been aware of it. This is a crusade to convert the world to capitalism under Western (American) dominance. "If you aren't with us, you are against us."

Propagating Western liberalism ("Western values") — human rights and "spreading freedom and democracy" — is used to justify neo-imperialism and neocolonialism in a way similar to how Christianity was formerly used to justify imperialism and colonialism.

It's a secular crusade, but a crusade nevertheless, and it is anti-liberal.

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Long Wars
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