Monday, April 2, 2018

Off-Guardian - WATCH: This is extremely dangerous to our democracy…

A few days ago, every local news station in America owned by the Sinclair Broadcast Group – a massive media conglomerate – read short a statement about the spread of “fake news”. The same statement, word-for-word. CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox, it didn’t matter. They were united in their chant.
As you watch the montage – put together by user “D” on youtube – you have to ask yourself: What is the mechanism behind this? Who wrote the statement, and what structure allows their words to be spoken by hundreds of mouths to millions of viewers?
Most importantly – how revealing is this of our media? How often has this united-front of opinion been present, but less obvious?

If we believe in free speech then it's up to me what news I wish to believe. If I believe the corporate media is spreading lies then it's down to them to prove to me otherwise. In a democracy I'm supposed to be allowed to have my own political views. KV 

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