Monday, April 2, 2018

Ronald J. Daniels — Philosophy Matters

Philosophy matters. Just ask Bill Miller. Bill started his professional journey as a philosophy graduate student at Johns Hopkins. He became a Wall Street legend. Based on my conversations with students and parents over many years, this is not the typical narrative associated with a humanities major. But Bill tells this story well.
Known for his analytical acumen and iconoclastic approach to markets, Bill attributes much of his success to the habits of mind he developed studying the works of great philosophical minds, such as William James, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and Bertrand Russell. And he believes passionately that future generations deserve—and require—a similar foundation.
Indeed, philosophy defines what it is to be human, to lead lives that are meaningful, and to create societies that are just and humane. Through it, we take up significant ideas and hone the tools of critical analysis and considered judgment. And the contemporary challenges we face—of the genomics revolution, the rise of artificial intelligence, the growth in income inequality, social and political fragmentation, and our capacity for devastating war, to name but a few—all invite philosophical perspective.
Thanks to Bill's recent $75 million gift to the Johns Hopkins University Department of Philosophy, we are starting on a journey to set a new standard for excellence in this most necessary discipline.
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Philosophy Matters
Ronald J. Daniels | President

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