Thursday, July 12, 2018

Tom Winter — Historic meeting of Intel Chiefs from Pakistan, Iran, Russia, and China – But why?

Top security and intelligence officials from Pakistan, Iran, Russia, and China held a meeting in Islamabad, where they stressed the need for more active involvement of regional forces in efforts to resolve the conflict in Afghanistan.This is reported by TASS.
On Tuesday, a meeting of leaders of the intelligence services of Russia, Iran, China and Pakistan was held in Islamabad, at which measures were discussed to combat the threat of the reunification of ISIS fighters in Afghanistan....
Not stated in any of the news accounts of this meeting is the likely spur that led to it. Last month the Chief of Iranian General Staff Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri accused the US of transferring Daesh terrorists, defeated in Syria and Iraq, into Afghanistan.

Sputnik alike has reported “The US has been accused numerous times of providing various forms of support to Daesh and other terrorist groups, operating in the region....
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German RT — Historic Islamabad Meeting Of Intel Chiefs, Omitting The US, In The German PressIntelligence services of Russia, Iran, China & Pakistan decide to cooperate in Afghanistan - without the USA
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