Wednesday, August 1, 2018

A Political Junkie — The RussiaHoax Theme Got Started As a Dirty Trick by Hillary's 2016 Campaign

In fairness to the Democrats, they likely saw it as payback for the attackers on John Kerry's military recored and the Obama birther conspiracy theory that Trump backed at least obliquely. Then the GOP Never Trumper's jumped on board, too, followed by some US intel chiefs aligned with one of the above.

Those who know American history know that this is an American tradition. There's nothing new under the sun.

All's fair in love, war — and politics.

And it was not just to crush Trump in the campaign, but also Bernie as a Clinton rival.

Russia Insider
The RussiaHoax Theme Got Started As a Dirty Trick by Hillary's 2016 Campaign
A Political Junkie

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Michael Krieger


Matt Franko said...

“Obama birther conspiracy theory that Trump backed at least obliquely”

Uhhhhh.... We may not have heard the last of that...

Konrad said...

“The RussiaHoax theme got started as a dirty trick by Hillary's 2016 campaign.”

The way I see it, Hillary’s top advisor and campaign manager John Podesta had a perfect record of rigging elections for Democrats, and predicting election outcomes. Podesta had been Bill Clinton’s Chef of Staff, and was tighter with the Clintons than anyone. During the Obama presidency, Podesta visited the White House (and rode on Air Force One) more often than any single individual except for Obama. Podesta has long been the head of a neoliberal propaganda mill called the Center for American Progress, whose function is to control the corporate media narrative.

However Podesta committed a career-ending f**k-up when he failed to get Hillary crowned.

Therefore, in an attempt to gloss over his disastrous failure, Podesta (and his Center for American Progress) cooked up the Russia-gate hoax for the corporate media outlets.

The hoax spread like a plague, infecting millions of morons.

Konrad said...

“People aren't having intelligent conversations anymore, they're just yelling at each other.”

The peasants bicker while their owners (rich oligarchs) look down from Olympus and enjoy the wretched spectacle below.

The article correctly notes that most Americans don’t care about the Russia-gate hoax. Among those that do care, half spend their lives howling for Trump’s head, while the other half attend Trump rallies, not so much because they love Trump, but because they are disgusted by the howling lunatics.

Trump derangement syndrome (TDS) is now so severe that mental health therapists say there has been a sudden and dramatic rise in what therapists call "Trump Anxiety Disorder."

TDS victims are motivated by a mental conflict between…

[1] Knowing that establishment Democrats hate them, and serve neoliberal oligarchs


[2] A desperate attempt to blame everything on Trump

This mental conflict energizes TDS. It is a desperate and neurotic attempt to deny reality.

Bob said...

Meanwhile, Democrat Fatigue Syndrome (DFS) goes largely undiagnosed.