Friday, August 3, 2018

Adam Garrie — Turkey Officially Turns to China For a Long Term Economic Partnership

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has spoken about the primary objectives during the first 100 days of his new administration. Speaking of western financial speculation against the Turkish Lira, Erdogan reiterated that the country is “facing an economic war, but we will win it”. As part of his strategy to win the western war against Turkey’s monetary policies and existing economic growth model, Erdogan announced that for the first time in history Ankara will issue state bonds in Chinese Yuan Renminbi and that the country looks forward to opening up new credit lines with China as a viable and sustainable alternative to borrowing from European or American financial institutions. In hailing the beginning of a “new era” for Turkey, Erdogan further stated that in the future, Turkey’s most important export partnerships with be with China, Russia, Mexico and India. The Turkish President also stated that the country plans to built special trade centres in 35 major cities across the globe....
How long will Turkey remain in NATO?


John said...

More winning! All this winning is just too much...hang on...most important Nato ally and leading geopolitical partner is playing footsie with China... Trump's a genius!

Ryan Harris said...

John, Trump isn't really behind the conflict. A year ago, Germany's Merkel announced her government would attack the Turkish financial system to try and overthrow Erdogan after the failed German lead military coup. The US is stuck in the middle because of Syria and NATO. Viewing all world events through a Demo/Repub lens or an I hate Trump lens is silly.

This a real global problem, where Germany is trying to destabilize the region again. The reason NATO exists is to prevent Germany from becoming belligerent periodically as it has in the past. Given recent events in Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Greece and Italy, Germany is at the center of every conflict and causing chaos by trying to impose various inflexible ideologies with strict discipline.

FROM Hans Kristensen Director, Nuclear Information Project, Federation of American Scientists:
"Lawyers linked to Turkish government seek arrest of US military officials and search/seizure warrants for Incirlik AB and halt to outbound US flights from the base. The US stores up to 50 B61 nukes at Incirlik. Now would be a good time to pull them out!"

The Germans need to just stop antagonizing Turkey.

Ryan Harris said...

Here is the link, it didn't go through...Erdoğanist Turkish lawyers seek arrest of US officers at Turkey’s İncirlik Airbase