Thursday, August 9, 2018

Danny Blue: The Life of a Mentalist in Danger

Do you know, I was just watching a Real News video where a professor was saying that we are now closer to a nuclear catastrophic than ever before and I was sizing it up for MNE's when I got depressed. We read here all the time about the evil side of human nature and it can get hard at times, so I thought, how can I cheer myself up a bit and maybe find something different for MNE's, and then I thought of Danny blue, a mentalist. I watched a number of his videos a few years back and I was pretty impressed I will have to say, and considering his immense talent, I was also impressed by his modesty. Anyway, this video is jaw dropping although very slow to start because of getting things set up. If it interest you but you find it too slow then go to 6 minutes. How he got away with this stunt I will never know?  The drivers have no idea which box Danny Blue is behind.

Danny Blue, mentalist put his own life in real danger. The tv-star asked 3 racing drivers to hit 3 of 4 boxes without them knowing in which Danny would stand. Amazing reactions!

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jrbarch said...

Energy follows thought: - live on a diet of mental noise and all those little atoms in the brain circuits will dutifully align.

The Two Wolves[audio 5min]