Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Evgeni Super — Russia has started building its own Internet

"Digital divide" takes on new meaning and the world fractures into opposing camps. Where does it should like that is leading?
Russia has started work to create a global satellite Internet system “Sphere”. The project involves deployment of a system consisting of 640 small satellites that will provide integrated communication, navigation and remote sensing throughout the planet. This incredibly complex but implementable task will allow us to create our own national system of access to the Internet and mobile communications, independent from third countries. However, this project is only part of a comprehensive strategy to strengthen the information sovereignty of our country.
Now we are working on building our own system of root DNS servers, independent of ICANN, which generally determine the operation of the global Internet addressing and most of which is now under the control of the United States. Based on the ideasof the father of China’s firewall Fan Binsina, which indicates possibility for several countries, such as Russia and China, to create a direct communication bypassing the root DNS servers in the United States.
Despite the fact that the Internet has long became a part of our lives, we are on the threshold of the Internet of things era, in which the importance of this network will increase. However, in fact, Russia is unarmed before Washington’s attempts to disconnect us, if not from an entire network, then from many of its important components, for example, electronic certificates. Unlike China, we do not have a country certificate, which means that with just one click “overseas” can create many problems for us, including in transportation and other critical infrastructures. And these are just some of the likely threats.
All our efforts are now aimed at overcoming this dependency as soon as possible. But it is important to understand that we are not talking about creating our own isolated from the world Internet. We are trying to ensure our ability to use the world network without being hooked up to the “foreign switch.” In case of successful implementation, users in Russia will not notice any inconvenience at all....
The Vineyard of the Saker
Russia has started building its own Internet
Evgeni Super
Translated and subtitled by Scott Humor


Konrad said...

Good for Russia. They have developed their own credit card communications infrastructure, their own alternative to the SWIFT system of international electronic settlements, and their own version of GPS called GLONASS (which is more accurate than GPS at high latitudes -- i.e. far north or south). And now Russia is creating its own Internet to prevent the USA from cutting Russia off.

Meanwhile the USA is censoring more and more Americans. If you question any lie, you may be targeted as a “conspiracy theorist” who is guilty of “hate speech.”

Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, LinkedIn, MailChimp, iTunes, and others are now coordinating their campaign to block Americans that the oligarchs and their puppet politicians want silenced. Also involved are the big media companies, which are outraged that no one watches their trash any more.

Today the Internet and the corporate media outlets are full of “good riddance Alex Jones!” Meanwhile the idiot peasants on all sides are howling for the head of Julian Assange. The peasants do this in order to maintain their delusion that Big Brother is benevolent.

All these are signs of a dying and increasingly isolated Empire.

Europe (including the UK) says it will not participate in the USA’s drastic new sanctions on Iran.

Bob said...

The hardware backbone of the internet should be decentralized. But net neutrality is under attack. Without it, the internet becomes another entertainment network.

Tom Hickey said...

The dichotomy between capitalism and social is between centralization and decentralization.

First, capitalism was about decentralization (laissez-faire) and socialism was about centralization (communism).

Now capitalism is about centralization (neoliberalism, economies of scale, transnational corporatism) and socialism is about decentralization (worker co-ops).

Konrad said...

First, capitalism was about decentralization and socialism was about centralization. Today this is reversed. ~ Tom Hickey

Such reversals are common among dying Empires. Values typically become warped and inverted. Men become women. Women become men. Homosexuality becomes normal. Heterosexuals are called freaks. Warmongers are called "humanitarians." Conservatives prefer diplomacy. Genuinely free markets are called a “threat.” Tyrannically controlled markets are called “free markets.” Intolerant leftist hate-mongers are called “tolerant.” Questioners of leftist hate speech are guilty of “hate speech.” Social programs are called “unsustainable.” Endless increases in military spending are called “national security.”

I propose that similar value reversals occurred in the Roman Empire during its final years. Freaks were called “normal.” Normal Romans were called “freaks.” Meanwhile rich oligarchs continued to enslave all Romans until the oligarchs caused the entire game to collapse.

Such value-reversals happen to empires that die from corruption, not to empires that die from war (e.g. the Ottoman, German, Romanov, and Austro-Hungarian empires).