Saturday, August 11, 2018

F. Michael Maloof — Latest Sanctions Against Russia Show Trump Not in Control of His Administration

US President Donald Trump is not in control of his own administration, as evidenced by the latest round of sanctions imposed against Russia for the alleged involvement in the poisoning of the Skripals in the UK in March.
The sanctions came the same day that US Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., announced on a trip to Moscow that he had handed over a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin from Trump calling for better relations between the two countries.…
With even further sanctions against Russia in the recently passed Defense Department Authorization Bill about to go into effect, it is becoming apparent that the allegations against Russia are politically-motivated, false flag allegations to be used as an excuse for a greater geostrategic reason — to contain Russia just as the Trump administration is increasingly finding its US-led unilateral world order being challenged more than ever.
The reason, however, isn’t due to anything that Moscow initiated but by Trump himself who isn’t in control of his own administration, and maybe never [have] been....
Both Trump and Putin realize and have acknowledged that POTUS is boxed in by US politics, lead by the American bipartisan establishment and US deep state. Trump has specifically indicated that nothing can go forward until after the mid-terms. If there is a red wave, they will go forward, but not if a blue wave, in which case the US president will be occupied fending off his removal from office.

Russia Insider
Latest Sanctions Against Russia Show Trump Not in Control of His Administration
F. Michael Maloof, former Pentagon security analyst

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It is debatable how much of the US government Trump actually controls.
In word, this is insanity. What’s perhaps worse is that this political warfare is being conducted with total disregard for the truth, much less an honest attempt to find it. It’s worse than a presumption of guilt; it’s a positive, unambiguous verdict of culpability under circumstances where the accusers in Washington and London (I would guess but cannot prove) know perfectly well that the CW finger pointing is false.
It has been clear from the beginning of Trump’s meteoric rise on the American political scene that he and his American First agenda were perceived by the beneficiaries of the globalist, neoliberal order as a mortal danger to the system which has enriched them. Maintaining and intensifying hostility toward Russia, even at the risk of a catastrophic, uncontainable conflict, lies at the center of their efforts. This political war to save globalism at all hazards is intensifying....
Strategic Culture Foundation
Lenin Updated: ‘Turn the Globalist War into a Race War’
James George Jatras, Analyst, former U.S. diplomat and foreign policy adviser to the Senate GOP leadership

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US Sanctions Are Pushing Russia to War
Finian Cunningham


Matt Franko said...

Maybe Putin is rather not in control of his as evidenced by the poisoning’s...

Tom Hickey said...

Maybe Putin is rather not in control of his as evidenced by the poisoning’s..

Still no evidence that Russia or even Russians (there's a difference) were involved.

It's all "trust us" from the folks that gave us Iraq.

There needs to be motive and there is no plausible motive for the Russian state doing this, and a lot of reasons that make it irrational behavior.

But there are other very plausible and highly rational accounts, from the Russian "mafia" to UK intel.

In addition the British state has a long history of trying to sabotage both Germany and Russia as its main rivals in Europe. Use of CW on foreign soil is the ideal false flag and frame up. Recall that the last one was plutonium. Why do Russian intelligence services need to use WMD to off someone?

Just the volume of the media campaign aimed at "Putin did it" is a tell that it is likely manufactured by TPTB, who have a lot of motivation on this score.

Matt Franko said...

Just because some Russians were involved doesn’t mean “Putin did it!”... I think this is where Trump is coming from... doesn’t mean you don’t punish Russia either... may motivate Putin to crack down...

Tom Hickey said...

may motivate Putin to crack down..

The only way to "crack down" is by imposing a police state. Russians don't want a police state after the KGB. Neither do the Germans after the Gestapo and SS.

Americans never experienced a police state before, so it is pretty simple to spring one of them now without them noticing that much and if anyone notices by creating fear to make it seem necessary.

Is that what you want?

Matt Franko said...

He’d have to be cracking down on the “police state “ if some rogue agents did it...

Tom Hickey said...

Russia's siloviki are like the US and UK intel services. They do as they please.

Intelligence and security services have always been the enemy of liberty and it's a major reason I am a libertarian.

The only way to deal with them is to end them. Russia's KGB and Gemany's Gestapo were simply absorbed and the US and UK picked up the best from Germany after WWII.

The intel services, which are misnamed since they are operational more than involved in intel collection and analysis, are the tip of the spear and this spear has its own mind, the deep state.

Bob said...

Trump has nothing to offer the Russians but photo ops. Just ask Kim Jung-un. The Reagan administration and their Russian counterpart signed treaties. Trump wouldn't know a treaty from a pastry.

Konrad said...

“Why do Russian intelligence services need to use WMD to off someone?” ~ Tom Hickey

Exactly. If a government wants to eliminate someone, there are many ways to easily do it. Why employ complex shenanigans with alleged chemicals? It’s absurd.

Tom Hickey said...

Trump has nothing to offer the Russians but photo ops. Just ask Kim Jung-un.

Only to be unilaterally abrogated by another administration.

Now Trump is doing the same thing with Iran.

The US is agreement-incapable.

Why bother negotiating at all under such conditions?