Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Increase in Iranian naval operations

CENTCOM on it:

This comes after this last week:


Konrad said...

“The Saudi government has suspended oil shipments through the Red Sea after Yemen-based, Iran-aligned Houthi rebels attacked Saudi oil tankers.”

Good for the Houthis. Their tanker strikes have had the intended effect.

This reminds me of Israel’s bombardment and invasion of Lebanon in 2006. The Israelis had air supremacy, and also thought they had naval supremacy off the coast of Lebanon. On 14 July 2006 a Hezbollah guided missile (not a rocket) so badly damaged one Israeli naval ship (the INS Hanit, built in the USA) that the ship was just barely able to limp back to port. Four Israeli crew members were killed.

TRIVIA: Many people imagine that Hezbollah fighters in combat wear those yellow headbands, plus black ISIS™ style clothing. This false assumption is a product of corporate media programming, which wants average Westerners to falsely think of Hezbollah as crazed jihadis.

In reality, Hezbollah soldiers in combat wear helmets, battle fatigues, bullet-proof vests, and associated combat gear, just like U.S. soldiers.

Example photo…

Example photo from the Times of Israel (this might be slow loading for you)…

Example photo from Ynet News (this might be slow loading for you)…,7340,L-4751510,00.html

Noah Way said...

CENTCOM on Twitter ... LOL

Fake news / disinformation.

Matt Franko said...

(It’s probably how they primarily communicate with POTUS)